25000 Cultural Transmission Center

25000 Cultural Transmission Center:

The 25000 Cultural Transmission Center (Long March Space) is a co-organizer of the internationally acclaimed "Long March - A Walking Visual Display". With 250 square-meters of ample gallery space, an office, and a loft apartment devoted for residency programs, the space is poised to become a gathering place in which to carry on the work of the Long March project in the form of lectures, presentations, exhibitions, and residencies.

Temporary exhibitions will be held using the space as a "curatorial laboratory" dedicated to the fundamental questions of the relationship between: curating, display and artistic creation; practice and discourse; objects and texts; and audience and artists. The 25000 Cultural Transmission Center is not a gallery but a center, a base, and a workstation, which looks to respond to these questions, as well as to connect the art world with Chinese society and connect China with the world.

Artists exclusively represented: Guo Fengyi Li Tianbing Wang Wenhai
Artists represented: Shi Qing Wang Jinson Wang Mai Wang Wei
Artists participated: Shi Qing Wang Jinson Wang Mai Wang Wei Qin Ga
Liang Shuo Guo Fengyi Li Tianbing Wang Wenhai

Wang Wenhai
180 x 72 x 62 cm, 2003
Shi Qing
Lucky Memories
120 x 80 cm, 2002
Qin Ga
The Miniature Long March
127 X 171 cm, 2002
Wang Jinson
People by Ink
145 x 73 cm, 2001

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