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Sculpting Mao's trek

International Herald Tribune; 8/21/2004; Craig Simons

Craig Simons
International Herald Tribune
Wang Wenhai, the 53-year-old self-proclaimed Yanan Clay Sculpture King, has three goals. First, he wants to build a 426-foot-tall statue of Mao Zedong in Yanan, the Chinese Communist Party's historic revolutionary base in the northwest. Then he wants to make a giant memorial commemorating Mao's philosophies, with possibly a nod to Karl Marx. Finally, if he has time, he wants to carve 25,000 tiny statues of Mao to leave along the route of the Long March, the 6,000-mile trek that members of the fledgling Communist Party made in...

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The above preview is from International Herald Tribune, August 21, 2004.
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