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Friday, October 31, 2003


From now to 13 December 2003, bring your companion along to take advantage of a 2-ticket package to Brisbane for just $6,700, or just independently for only $4260. Call your travel agent or Qantas reservations today on 2822 9000.


With its ghosts, ghouls and witches, Halloween is becoming a regular date in Hong Kong's calendar of family festivals, but few people know the feast's origin, writes Hazel Parry. (Full Story)

10 Spookatular Chinese Movies
Tired of Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, Dracula, Frankenstein or zombies? Try out the local terror-ific horror genre which mingles Chinese folklore with western supernatural influences.

Me and Mao's shadow
Wang Wenhai's images of Mao Zedong typify the spirit of a band of artists who are marching across the mainland in an effort to capture the essence of Chinese culture. Didi Kirsten Tatlow reports.

Filthy rich
Director Dante Lam was inspired by the founder and publisher of local smut magazine, Hong Kong Nite Life, who turned a $200,000 investment into a multi-million-dollar success. Mathew Scott and Winnie Yeung report on a dirty little secret that became big business.

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Clamming up
Food editor Susan Jung shares an impressive repertoire of clam dish - clams with black bean sauce, grilled (or broiled) razor clams and clam chowder - recipes.
Liquid amber
Want to indulge like an emperor? Just look for the ornate packaging of Shaoxing's yellow rice wine and you are well on your way. Robin Lynam reports.

CINEMA >> More
A timeless tale of relative values
The story of the Soong sisters - Ai-ling, Ching-ling and Mei-ling, who died last week at 106 - was one that needed to be told. And to commemorate Mei-ling's death, Hong Kong film-goers are being treated to a special one-week screening of the film.
Closeup: Martin Yan and Sylvia Chang Ai-chia
TV chef Martin Yan is ready to serve up a feast of laughs in big-screen debut Hainan Chicken Rice, which will also star Taiwan-born actress and director Sylvia Chang Ai-chia.
The Park
Though released in time for Halloween, The Park will leave audiences feeling more tricked than treated, says Paul Fonoroff.
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Fans of wham-bam cinema should head straight indoors - Robert Rodriguez's Once Upon A Time In Mexico gives you plenty of bang for your buck. Unfortunately, the film gives little else, writes Mathew Scott.
Now showing
Take a look at what's showing in cinemas this week.
At the box office
The Top 10 films at North American cinemas last week.

Singing for survival: Beijing opera used to be prime-time entertainment. Now its principals are ageing, apprentices are leaving and cash-strapped troupes play to empty houses or for foreign tourists. Paul Mooney reports.

After dark: Halloween
All Hallow's Eve may be a relatively new spectacle in Hong Kong but this religion-divorced, B-grade slasher-flick and chocolate-fuelled "festival" has inspired some to adopt demonic face-lifts just for this weekend.
That's all folk
Next weekend's folk festival has some stiff competition but that won't stop folkies coming out in force, writes Robin Lynam.
Theatre of the absurd
Swiss mime and puppetry troupe Mummenschanz are about to make their first foray into China where their highly visual show will need no explanation, writes Annabel Walker.

ARTS >> More
Fiddler on the hoof
Geoffrey Fushi, the founder of The Stradivari Society, has played the role of a godfather to many musicians by blessing them with the arranged loan of an instrument that has divine tone, stratospheric value and - a few strings attached.
Fresh blend
The Hong Kong Arts Festival has created a lively programme - featuring singer Bobby McFerrin, jazz guitarist Gilberto Gil and Canto-pop queen Karen Mok - that will hopefully have the fans dancing in the aisles, writes Annabel Walker.
Words of wisdom
After 70 years of practice, a top Hong Kong scholar is exhibiting his calligraphy, writes Clare Tyrrell.

TRAVEL >> More
Perfect 10
In its short 200 years, few towns have come further than Washington, DC: from a tobacco port surrounded by a malaria-infested swamp to the capital of the world's only superpower, writes Marshall S. Berdan.
Mumbai mystery tour
Steered by a decidedly shifty guide, Gary Jones sees India's bustling commercial capital from a series of unusual perspectives
Hot spots: The Clarence Dublin
Co-owned by U2 band members Bono and The Edge, this bohemian hostelry offers an award-winning restaurant that serves traditional Irish dishes.

BOOKS >> More
Parallel Lines
Inspired by his family's long history in China, former South China Morning Post reporter, Adam Williams, says his epic novel, The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure, explores the cultural complexities of east meeting west in the fictional city of Shishan.
Chinese characters: Yo Yo
Novelist Yo Yo tells David Wilson she writes with Beijing street language and hooligan words because the words cast her back into the mood of the China she remembers.
Latest in Paperbacks
A look at the lastest in paperbacks including The Bat Tattoo by Russell Hoban, Kisscut by Karen Slaughter, Postmodern Pooh by Frederick Crews and others.

Rump up the volume
Adventurous styling and a risque advertising campaign mark the introduction of the Renault Megane II. William Wadsworth puts the new hatchback to the test.
Enjoy a nice massage when you take a seat in the $2.68 million Grand Chauffeur equipped with TV, DVD/CD player and two iMedic massage chairs with full-horizontal capability.
Beauty spot
After years of soaps, milks, creams, grains and gels, it might feel strange washing your face in oil, but Shu Uemura is championing its cause.
Closet case
Isabelle-Marie Creac'h picks affordable key items to recreate top designer looks - at a fraction of the price.

Take it to the limit
Fancy a weekend of physical and mental endurance tests? Catharine Nicol previews an adventure-skills workshop taking place on Lamma Island.
Out of focus
When vision gets blurry with age, most people think they merely need reading glasses. But some may be developing a potentially blinding black hole in their eye, writes Niki Law.
Life doctor: the rhythm of life
Sometimes the first sign someone is suffering from an irregular heart beat (palpitations or the technical name arrhythmia), may be a collapse or a fainting fit, writes Margaret Cheng.

PLUS >> More
Past times: Aileen Bridgewater
Aileen Bridgewater, 69, arrived in Hong Kong in the early 1960s. Her radio experiences at Radio Hong Kong and Commercial Radio motivated her to launch a charity that caters for the homeless elderly, and the Kidney Patients' Trust Fund.
Lai See
Few are spared as Lai See mocks anyone and everyone, be they rich, raunchy or ridiculous.
Today in CitySeen ... Harbour Fest have organised a double concert by one of the Philippines' biggest idols - Gary Valenciano; an encounter with the Hong Kong Police is not stopping Electric Eel Shock from playing again in our city; notes from the lovely life of Kevin Lee, WestEast magazine's editor/publisher and surreal preparation for the play The Seventh Drawer.
Chinese horoscope
Don't make it a bad news day. Read Edwin Ma's daily Chinese horoscope.
Western horoscope
With daily updates, let Shelley von Strunckel advise you each day on what the planets and stars have to say.

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