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New this Month

Dec 1-25

Winter Oil Paintings Exhibit

Yang Chunbaixue (April 2002's now 8-year-old Starving Artist), Feng Feng, Luan Xiaojie, Li Mingzhu and Zhang Cheng present their paintings of winter scenes to suit the season.
Daily 9.30am-7pm. Qin Gallery (8779 0458) Qin Gallery ]

Dec 1-28

Scenes of Nature

Work by artists from the Songzhuang artists' village depicting their love of the nature.
9am-10pm. Blue Dream Gallery (In Kebab Kafe, opposite No 46 Sanlitun Beilu)

Dec 6-26

Paintings for the New Year

Wuqiang County is famous for nianhuar, old traditional woodcut works that have been collected in Britain and France. Folk artists tell you how to make wood nianhua'r live.
Daily noon-6pm. Panorama Art Gallery (6466 2288 ext 7457) Panorama Art Gallery ]

Dec 6-31

Pop Calligraphy Wind

Calligraphy by young calligraphers from around China.Daily 9am-5pm. Today Art Gallery. (6221 7711 ext 452) Today Art Gallery ]

Dec 10-21

And the Labyrinth of the World Is So Beautiful: Contemporary Czech Printmaking

50 Czech artists express the beauty and complexity of the world and present new interpretations of the 'eternal myth' in their prints. Opening reception on Dec 12 at 6pm.
Daily 10am-4pm. Beijing Jintai Art Museum (6501 4984) New Art Centre ]

Dec 10-Jan 10

Underwear, Incubators and Rice Accidents

A whimsical group show of contemporary Asian artists displaying installations, sculptures, paintings and . . . rice? Tue-Sun 11am-7pm. China Art Seasons (13911889882) China Art Seasons ]

Dec 11-31

Traditional Chinese Painting

Traditional Chinese painters, Li Li, Wang Luxia and Liu Chunming, depict their friends, social customs and traditional Chinese figures through a modern perspective.
Daily 9.30am-7pm. Qin Gallery (8779 0458) Qin Gallery ]

Dec 19-31

The Best Woodcut Works

Woodcuts by Wang Qi, Gao Rongsheng, Liang Dong, Song Yuang, Zheng Xuhua and Wang Huaxiang; copperplate etching by Wang Weixin and Lin Tong and stone carvings by Wu Changjiang. Some of their work has been collected in museums in French, Germany and Britain.
Daily 9.30am-7pm. Qin Gallery (8779 0458) Qin Gallery ]

Dec 20

Colorful Art World

Until Dec 20
Traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, watercolour paintings and sculptures combining tradition and modernity are exhibited in the end of the year. Artists are Feng Linzhang, Song Di, Zhang Guang, Yin Kun, Xin Yi, Jiang Chun and more.
Mon noon-6pm, Tue-Sun 10am-6pm. Wanfung Art Gallery (6523 3320) Wan Fung Art Gallery ]

Dec 20

The Power of the Public Realm

Until Dec 20
This popular exhibit of 'outsider' art by four folk artists encountered along the Long March route continues. Featuring photographer Li Tianbing, mountain carver Jiang Jiwei, sculptor Wang Wenhai and Guo Fengyi, who paints hermaphroditic humanoids on rice paper.
Daily 10am-6pm. 25000 Cultural Transmission Center (6438 7107) 25000 Li Cultural Transmission Center ]

Dec 20-28

Xray Retrospective

Retrospective group show of installations, videos and paintings from the past year to welcome the New Year.
Daily 9.30am-5.30pm. Xray Art Centre (8576 6680 ext 3001/3) Xray Art Centre ]

Dec 24

Christmas Art Exhibition

Until Dec 24
Artworks by Yang Gang, Fang Xiang, Li Xiaoke, featuring Yang Gang's horses on the grasslands, Fang Xiang's paintings of south China and Li Xiaoke's ink paintings. But what about reindeer?
Daily 10am-7pm. Creation Gallery (8561 7570) Creation Gallery ]

Dec 25

Old Beijing

Until Dec 25
More than 40 oil paintings of old Beijing by Wang Guoquan, Zhai Peibao, Zhang Yong, Zhang Guoning, Zhao Ying, Zhong Qingyin and Li Xiaoming.
Daily 9am-10pm. Fa Fa Gallery (8430 2587) Fa Fa Gallery ]

Continued from Last Month

Until Dec 28

Steam Train: Huang Qingjun

Born in Heilongjiang in 1971, Huang Qingjun took up photography in 1987. Huang's over 600 photographs have been published widely. Huang series, Steam Train, consists of photographs of the steam engines that run on the Japanese built railroads in his remote dongbei (north east) hometown.
Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm. Chen Changfen Gallery (6612 6999) Chen Changfen Gallery ]

All Month

All Month

Contemporary Calligraphy and Traditional Chinese Paintings

Calligraphy and paintings by masters Wen Huaisha, Li Duo, Lao Jia and Li Yansheng.
Daily 9.30am-1am. Huabaozhai Gallery (6619 3629) Huabaozhai Gallery ]

All Month

What is the Best

By popular demand, Soka extends their exhibition of work by landscape masters Pan Yuliang, Qian Ding, Tang Yihe, Yang Songlin and others.
Tue-Sun 9am-5pm. Soka Art Gallery (6406 5477) Soka Art Centre ]

All Month

Art in Songzhuang

Work by Songzhuang artists displaying their perspectives and attitudes towards life. RMB 15. By appointment only.
Daily 9am-12pm. Artist Village Gallery (6959 8343, 139 0124 4283) Artist Village Gallery ]

All Month


99 paintings and photos from amateur and professional, all 40cm 40cm in size. Christmas art auction and party to be held on Dec 13.
Tue-Sun 10am-6.30pm. Beijing Tokyo Art Projects (8457 3245) Beijing Tokyo Art Projects ]

All Month

Thought I Could Fly

Exhibition of six photogtaphers
Daily 10am-2am, Here (8401 4246, see Restaurant directory under Cafes & Teahouses for address)

All Month

Experiments in Beauty

Ningxia native He Xuesheng, Juanzi from Nanjing, Beijing oil painters Lao Dao and Xin Yi show you how they feel about ... beauty.
Daily 10am-5pm. Phoenix Artist Studio (8440 6991, 139 0117 0791) Phoenix Artist Studio ]

All Month

Chinese Contemporary Artists Exhibition

Group show of Red Gate artists, Huang Yan, Shen Ling, Qing Qing, Yang Mian, Wang Lifeng, Wang Yuping, Liu Qinghe featuring oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, sculptures and woodcuts.
Daily 10am-5pm. Red Gate Gallery (6525 1005) Red Gate Gallery ]

All Month

National Geographic Society Photographic Exhibit

One of the biggest and best exhibitions the National Geographic Society has put on in China.
Daily 8.30am-6pm. China Millennium Monument Art Museum (6851 3322) China Millennium Monument Art Museum ]