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2003-8-27 12:59:27     CRIENGLISH.com
Saturday, October 4th, 2003

What's on in Beijing

Type Name Date Content
Exhibitions Alternative modernity 2003-09-15 - 2003-10-12 An alternative art exhibition featuring creations in modern media by nine artists will start at the Xray Art Centre on September 15.
The exhibits include neon installation, china sculpture, photography, graphics, a short film and performance art.

Time : 10 am-6 pm, September 15-October 12
Place: 58A Gaojing Lu, Chaoyang District
Tel : 8576-6680

Extraordinary folk 2003-09-16 - 2003-10-06 The work of four ordinary folk handicraftsmen will appear at the Long March Cultural Transmissionon September 16.
The four participants are ordinary people living in different small cities and counties in China. Barely knowing what an artist is, the four are highly valued for their special skills making exquisite handicrafts which have been turned into precious cultural and historical records by the hand of time.
Exhibts include photos taken and developed by Li Tianbing with limited facilities in Fujian Province, sculptures and carved figures by Jiang Weiji in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, free style paintings by Guo Fengyi of Xi'an in Shannxi Province and Wang Wenhai's Chairman Mao sculpture works during he worked in Yan'an Revolution Museum.

Time : 10am - 6pm, Sep 16 to Oct 6
Place: 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu
Tel : 6438-7107

The Beijing Art Museum Daily The Beijing Art Museum is in Wanshou Temple (the Temple of Longevity) on Suzhou Jie, Haidian District.

Formally established in August 1987, the museum has collected and preserved precious historical relics such as bronze and jade articles from the Shang and Zhou dynasties (17th to 3rd centuries BC), and ancient art treasures such as pottery, ivory carvings and wood carvings from past dynasties. It houses a collection of Chinese paintings and calligraphy from the Ming and Qing dynasties, ancient coins of China and foreign countries, and modern Chinese and Japanese arts and crafts.

Time : 9 am-5 pm, daily
Place: Wanshou Temple, Suzhou Jie, Haidian District
Tel : 6841-9391

Sports museum Daily Opened in 1990, the China Sports Museum specializes in exhibiting, collecting and studying sports relics and historical documents. With an exhibition area of 2,510 square metres, the museum is divided into six show rooms in which many sports-related photos and objects from different periods are displayed.

The Ancient Sports Hall displays some 80 cultural sports relics and about 50 photos and 20 paintings portraying the colourful sports games of ancient China. The Contemporary Sports Hall shows the evolution of Chinese sports during the 1840 to 1949 period. The modern sports section occupies three halls and conveys the development of sports since the founding of New China. The sixth hall houses a display of the traditional sports of ethnic groups.

Time : 9 am-4 pm daily
Place: A3 Andinglu, Chaoyang District
Tel : 6491-2233

Big Bell Temple Daily An exhibition of 500 ancient bells from different dynasties is on show at the Big Bell Temple.
A bronze cauldron with six ear-like handles was the lastest discovery. A painting on a corridor of a siheyuan (quadrangle) depicting the Buddha was also discovered during the construction.

Time : 8:30am-4:30pm, daily
Place: 31 Beisanhua Xilu, Haidian District
Tel : 62557566

Ancient coins Daily A perennial exhibition of ancient coins is on show at the Ancient Coin Museum in the Deshengmen Tower on the North Second Ring Road.
About 10,000 ancient coins are displayed, including early shellfish coins and silver coins of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
China was one of the first countries to make and use coins, some of which date back more than 3,000 years.
An exchang market for ancient coins is situated outside the museum and free appraisal by experts is offered.

Time : 9am-4pm, daily
Place: Deshengmen Jianlou, Xicheng District
Tel : 62018073

Huang Zhou revered Daily The Yan Huang Art Museum is holding a commemorative exhibition in tribute to Huang Zhou (1925-97), a famous modern artist in China who was also the founder of the museum.
As a commemoration of Huang, the exhibition will run for a long period at the front hall to the entrance of the museum where scores of Huang's original paintings are displayed in rotation. Huang is known for his vivid portrayal of donkeys. The exhibition includes his water paintings, sketches and flower and bird paintings.

Time : 9 am-5 pm daily
Place: Yan Huang Art Museum
Tel : 6491-2902

Sculpture creation Daily A new sculpture theme park has been set up.Artists have completed the installation of sculpted creations set for permanent display at Yanqi Lake (Yanqihu) Resort.
Most artists are graduates of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The artists used both conventional materials or waste materials. The sculptures vary dramatically and are used to help the artists' express their concerns and thinking about life and society.

Time : daily
Place: Yanqi Town, Huairou County
Tel : 6966-1696

Court show Daily An international famous architects's court exhibition is being held in International-Embassy Villas, also billed as CEO New Generation Villas. A total of 12 architects from France, Switzerland, Chinese Taipei, the United States, Denmark and Chinese mainland have played major roles in establishing various courts in this 56.6-hectare villa development. Famous for its verdant trees, water features and large court, the International-Embassy Villas will establish 280 luxury villas there, each occupying around 1.33 hectares. As one of the rare golf villas in Beijing, the villas are situated next to Huatang International Golf club, the internationally renowned golf course designer.
Time : daily
Place: near Chaobai River, Beijing-Harbin Expressway
Tel : 6159-5678
Look of love 2003-09-13 - 2003-10-08 Nostalgic and romantic paintings by artist Shen Ling will be displayed at the Red Gate Gallery early next month.
The works focus on love, the simplest happiness in our life which is an irreplaceable experience for all of us. The artist depicts an eternal theme for all human beings with her new works in strong colours and bold images she uses to convey her feelings.

Time : 10am - 5pm, September 13-October 8
Place: Dongbianmen Jiaolou
Tel : 6525-1005

Charming china till 2003-12-31 Donated china wares by famous china researcher and connoisseur Sun Yingzhou (1893-1966) are on show at the Palace Museum to celebrate the 110th anniversary of his birth.
Sun began his career as an apprentice in an antique shop. He became a successful antique dealer in Beijing after he opened his own shop in 1923. Later he shifted his interest to collecting ancient china wares and accumulated a proud personal collection. The 150 exhibits are carefully selected from his donation of 3,000-odd pieces to the museum, among which some are labelled as first-class national relics.

Time : 9am - 5pm until December 31
Place: 4 Jingshan Qianjie
Tel : 6513-2255

Lucky sheep till 2003-12-18 Cultural relics related to the sheep in Chinese culture are on show at the Palace Museum.
More than 130 items made of jade, stone, tooth and enamel are displayed to reflect Chinese people's love for sheep as a lucky blessing for life. Most of the exhibits are shown for the first time.

Time : 9am - 5pm until December 18
Place: east side of Tian'men Square
Tel : 6526-3355

Troubled times Daily A joint show displaying works by three professional artists who depict the confusing troubles of social life is on at the Yan Club.
Although artists Zhang Jin, Yang Gang and Bob Yan were born in different eras from the 1940s to 70s, all have something in common to focus on the life of ordinary people. Each has been successful in his own field and has participated in art activities worldwide. Around 10 paintings are exhibited now and will in time be replaced by other works by the artists .

Time : 10am - 8pm, daily
Place: 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu
Tel: 8457-3506

Returned treasures Daily A total of 16 precious cultural relics labelled as national treasures are on show in the lobby of Beijing Hotel after they were illegally taken abroad 80 years ago.
The exhibits are stone sculptures stolen from various historical sites and smuggled abroad in the past. Two Buddha head sculptures are the most precious. They have been proved to be original pieces hewed off two stone sculptures in the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, Henan Province.

Time : daily until December 31
Place: 33 Dongchang'an Jie
Tel : 6513-7766

Meditation on existence Daily This art exhibition mainly features recent art works from the famous ’artist village in Songzhuang where about 300 artists live.
Exhibits are mostly the results of meditation by artists on the meaning and value of existence after the sudden outbreak of SARS, which made people re-think their daily lives.

Time : 9am-12pm, daily (appointment required)
Place: 71 Xiaopu Village, Songzhuang
Tel : 6959-536

Prayer beads and brush strokes till 2003-10-10 Beijing Tokyo Art Projects presents a special art exhibition combining the concepts of art treatment and simplism through artists' complicated art creations stroke by stroke.
A total of 19 artists took part in the exhibition, impressing people with their complicated manual process through which artists get a special treatment for their physical and mental health.

Time: 10:30am - 6:30pm until October 10
Place: 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu
Tel : 8457-3245

Folk Art Taichi with English narration Daily A veteran Taichi teacher, about 38, teaches the basic 24 movements,
pusing-hands and self-defense techniques. It fits for the beginner's and
intermediate level.

Time : 10:00--12:00am, every Sunday morning
Place: Bamboo Garden Hotel, No. 24, xiaoshiqiao hutong, Jiu Gulou Street, Northwest of Drum Tower in the down town.
Fee : 60 each time

Paper-cut works on show Daily Time: Daily
Place: Liu Ren Paper-cut House
Tel: 66011946
Chinese ink & water painting class Daily To learn the techniques of paint a bird, flower, or lady with brushes. The
Chinese philosophy and culture will also be included.

Time : 7:00--9:00 pm, every Wednesday
Place: Library Bar, first floor, Tower B of East Gate Plaza, right behind
the Poly Plaza at the East Second Ring Road. (Opposite to the icecream shop of Baskin & Robbins in the building.)
Fee : 60 yuan each week
English narration, tools and materials are provided.

Big-bowl-tea Daily Ten yuan (US$1.2) for a cup of Chinese tea and live performance of Peking Opera is the tempting offer up for grabs at Dawancha (big-bowl-tea) Theatre, a new branch of Lao She Tea-house.
The atmosphere of a traditional Chinese tea-house of the past is evoked with window seats overlooking Tian'anmen Square.

Place : west side of north end of Qianmen Dajie, facing the Arrow Tower
Tel : 6318-4723, 6318-2107

Acrobatic show Daily The Tianqiao area of Beijing won its name as the city's major outdoor performance site for acrobatics shows before the founding of New China in 1949.
Acrobatic shows are still staged every evening in a theatre located in the Tianqiao area.
The shows, put on by the Beijing Acrobatics Troupe, include many national or world award-winning programmes.

Time : 7 pm, daily
Place: Wansheng Theatre
Price: 100 yuan (US$12.0)
Tel : 65287750 ext 198

Chinese Table Talk Daily In an exquisite library bar of a luxurious membership club, we offer two
hour Chiense-speaking and learning environment. For the first hour we
provide international cuisine and chance to talk to Chinese fellow friends
and teachers around two tables.
One table for beginners and the other for intermediate level.
An entertaining Chinese class will be given in the second hour. When you can learn to read and write some Chinese, and also some street talks, comic stories and Chinese songs, etc.

Time : 7:00--9:00 pm, Every Tuesday
Place: Library Bar, first floor, Tower B of East Gate Plaza, right behind
the Poly Plaza at the East Second Ring Road. (Opposite to the icecream shop of Baskin & Robbins in the building.) Just close to the subway station Dongsi Shitiao.
Fee: 66 yuan each week

Kungfu show Daily Anyone seduced by "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" will adore a nightly show whose theme centres on a martial arts love story told against the magical backdrop of Shangri-La mountain.
Acrobatics, martial arts and romance are well combined in the show.
And the costumes add a blaze of colour to the stage on which the action barely flags for a moment.

Time : 7:30 pm, nightly
Place: Xinrong Theatre, 16 Baizhifangjie, Xuanwu District
Tel : 65287750 ext 198

Ming-style theatre Daily The Liyuan Theatre presents traditional Peking Opera excerpts specially packaged in short programmes for foreign audiences in its original style.
The theatre revives the ambience of old Beijing by setting up Ming-style tables that enable guests to sample snacks during the performances.
With an interpretation in English, the performances are from the Beijing Peking Opera Theatre.

Time: 7:30 pm daily
Place: Qianmen Hotel, 175 Yong'an Lu, Xuanwu District
Tel: 6301-6688 ext 8867

Peking Opera Daily Two excerpts of Peking Opera are being staged every evening at the Zhengyici Theatre.
The programmes include wenxi (excerpts mainly with singing and performing) like "Duan Qiao (The Broken Bridge)," "Tiannu Sanhua (The Goddess of Heaven Scatters Flowers)," as well as wuxi (excerpts full of acrobatic fighting) such as "Sanchakou (The Crossroads)."
Built more than 300 years ago, the Zhengyici Theatre has a longer history than many foreign famous opera houses. It is one of the few wood-structure ancient theatres still well preserved in China.

Time : 7:30 pm, daily
Place: Zhengyici Theatre
Price : 80-280 yuan (US$9.6-33.7)
Tel : 8315-3150

Others Magic: That's magic! Daily The young, energetic performers from the Magic Troupe of Hebei Provincial Acrobatics Group will make doves appear as if from nowhere, make humans disappear and appear again - after being "stabbed" by swords inside an iron box! Also look out for "flying" cards, fish angling like you've never seen it before and all sorts of clever work with knotted Chinese rings.
You'll also see umbrella tossing, handkerchief spinning and human juggling, as well as mimicry of ducks, birds, pigs, cars and more.
Scenes change smoothly and quickly and the 200-seat theatre allows the audience to have a really close-up view of the action.

Time : 6-7 pm, 7:30-8:30 pm, nightly
Place: Chaoyang Theatre, 36 Dongsanhuan Beilu (Northeastern Part of Third Ring Road), Chaoyang District
Price : 120 to 200 yuan (US$14.45-24.09)
Tel: 6506-8116, 6507-2421

Opera 2003-10-03 - 2003-10-05 The Marriage of Figaro will appear in a brand-new look on stage in Beijing. Artists from China Central Opera Theatre will reinterpret the classic.
The new version sets only one scene on stage from beginning to the end.

Time : 7:30 pm, October 3-5
Place: Tianqiao Theatre, Beiweilu, Xuanwu District
Tel : 8315-6170

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