Yanan Clay sculpture King       

Wang Wenhai

Male, in 1951 had been born in Henan Province Changge town country Long Wopo the village. The youth settles down along with the father to the Shaanxi Province Huanglong county Fanjiazhuozi, liked the folk clay sculpture since childhood, initially custom rock cave statue,gate picture, character stage photo and so on. Also fords the 
photographic art, latter Xi'an Art College teachers' and students' gradually influencing with inspiration, dedicated clay sculpture art creation and research. In 1970 in the Shaanxi Yanan Revolutionary Museum work, the clay sculpture artist, is known as until now "Yanan Clay Sculpture King".
Wang Yanhua, In 1954 was born, wife of the Wang Wenhai, the husbands and wives was very fond of the folk clay sculpture art, was a happy couple, perfectness. Trains hard the "oath to turn the soil the gold ability", they all poured into the oneself complete painstaking care at the clay sculpture enterprise. The number year, creation clay sculpture work 10,000, have formed Mr. and Mrs. Wang the unique clay sculpture artistic style, deeply the domestic and foreign audiences' affection, gives the strong approval: "clay sculpture valuable thing,the East tour de force, world miracle", has made the prominent contribution for the Chinese clay sculpture art continuation and development. "Mao Zedong statue", "Loud snapping sound Boy", "Heroine","Lu Xun" and so on hundred clay sculptures works publication in the Chinese and foreign publication magazine. Manufacture Honoringcharacter statue 100.
  Mr. and Mrs. Wang fact and the brief biography, are received "Chinese Present artCelebrity Dictionary", "Chinese author", "the Chinese Folk Celebrity collection", "Yanan Is flying-off", "Shrine Character Praises and admires" and so on many biographies, the dictionary, the celebrity collection. Chinese artist association assistant-president Guyuan epigraph: "Home of Clay Sculpture", Chinese artist association Lu Kaixiang writes a few words of appreciation: "loess The life, all depends on the clay sculpture, husbands and wives all together The study, a good art harvest ". National Political Consultative Conference assistant-President Ma Wenrui writes 
a few words of appreciation: "sculpture a generation of extraordinary personality,climbs the artistic peak, celebrates Clay Sculpture King to sculpture thousand Mao Zedong".
  Mr. and Mrs. Wang year to year conducts "Family Clay sculpture Display" from 1988 once to attract tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists to come to watch, several hundred clay sculptures works by Chinese and foreign visitor and so on the US, France, Japan,Hong Kong and Macao are collected. In 1990 Mr. and Mrs. Wang has donated 1,000 shapes to the 11th session of Asian Games Condition each different painted sculpture horse, bestows as the present for Asia the official and the athlete, has received the party and the national leader's high praise, and issues the honor certificate.
  In 1993 for commemorated Comrade Mao Zedong the birthday 100th anniversary, created and conducts "Thousand Chairman Mao sculpture exhibit ", displayed each different revolutionary time Mao Zedong statue, arouses the everywhere public figures'enormous interest, sent in congratulatory telegram letter of congratulations several hundred.
  For many years, Mr. and Mrs. Wang have created and conducts "Thousand clay-children figurines exhibit" each kind of differ in thousands of clay-children, very likability. "Thousand Painted sculptures horse figurines exhibit" versicolor the horse figurines, lifelike. Is continuing to create "Thousand Chinese and foreign Celebrity statue exhibit","Thousand Buddha Deity Clay sculpture exhibit", is known as "5,000 Clay sculptures 
Macrocosms". Has filled the Yenan clay sculpture art blank,by the people kindly reputation is "Clay Sculpture King". In order to revolutionize the Holy Land Yenan opening to the outside world frameto get up a friendship gold bridge, became the Chinese and foreign tourists to come a big landscape which Yanan visited.
  Since 1993 Xinhua News Agency, Associated Press, China Central Committee Television, central people broadcasting station, Voice of America, Japanese television station; "Chinese Youth Daily", "Chinese Culture Newspaper", "the People's Daily, (Overseas edition)","Guangming Daily", "China Daily, (English edition)", "the Chinese Times, (Taiwan)", "the Chinese and foreign Exchange, (Pictorial)","People's Photography Newspaper" and so on several hundred Chinese and foreign publications magazine, the broadcasting station, the television station have all carried on the special report and the propaganda.
  In 1995 by the Shaanxi provincial party committee, the provincial government is awarded the "Shaanxi Province to have prominently contributes the Chinese youth expert" title of honor.
    In 1998 for memorial premier Zhou the birthday 100th anniversary, the special respect sculpture Premier Zhou statue 100.
    Mr. and Mrs. Wang presently the great effort creation, are preparing for construction "Yanan Clay sculpture King Art center","Yanan Mao Zedong Statue Museum".




"Yanan Clay Sculpture King" Wang Wenhai and his wife

"Clay Sculpture King" work


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